Lifestyle Management Programs for Weight Loss

The goal of our Lifestyle Management Program is to allow participants to make positive changes, to ensure lifelong benefits. Our plan is not a "diet" but in fact, teaches key principles for lifelong weight-loss success -- eating healthy and a regular exercise program.


Since muscle is the utmost determining factor of our metabolic rate – the quantity of calories burn daily – ultimately any muscle loss explains the cause of our struggle to keep weight off. This eventually leads to the deterioration in the metabolism.

On the other hand, the development of our muscles throughout the course of our weight loss, has the opposite effect – strengthening of the metabolism. Striving to achieve our fat-loss goals is contingent 0n developing muscle mass, improving strength, and the reduction in injury risk. All of these factors lead to enrichment of our overall health.

The different levels to our weight loss plan all include a 12-week gym membership. In conjunction with our clinic, Vanguard Medical Center, we enhance weight loss on a cellular level by adding customized vitamins, minerals, amino acids and even IV Nutritional Therapy. We focus on "fat loss" not just "weight loss". 

The objectives of our program is to educate its participants to:

  1. Learn strategies for successful weight loss

  2. Identify factors affecting healthy weight

  3. ​Recognize the basics of nutrition

  4. Determine the key elements of a healthy eating plan

  5. Reinforce positive lifestyle changes

  6. Discover the role of fitness in a healthy lifestyle 

  7. Distinguish the role of your support system

  8. Establish healthy and realistic priorities

If you are interested in transforming your life in order to enjoy permanent weight loss and a healthier lifestyle today, call us now!!! (352) 227-3415 or (352) 243-9355.  

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