Youth Sports Performance Improvement Program


Through the customary growth and development process, our youth (6-12 years) or adolescents (12-19 years) athlete endure a multitude of changes in life and in sport. It is during this time period that numerous critical choices are made which impact the long term athletic development. 

As we move more towards early sport specialization in the youth athlete, it is paramount that individuals become proficient in a gamut of movements to ensure that they are well rounded and proficient in their sports activities in the soundest and safest way possible. 

It is beneficial for youth athletes to be allowed to develop a substantial amount of fundamental skills in movement prior to “sport specific skills” being cultivated.

The Ideal Client:

This program was designed to assist youth athletes who would like to enhance their athletic performance and improve the longevity in their sports career.

The Program:

Our Youth Sports Performance Improvement Program provides opportunities for teens (13-18 yrs.) to be active early by placing them on a path to better physical and mental health.

  • We address all the components in the development of elite athletes in an age appropriate way.

  • Our services include guidance in:

    1. Speed and Agility
    2. Flexibility and Movement

    3. Strength and Conditioning

    4. Injury Prevention

  • We also stress the impacts of sports nutrition and sleep on athletic performance and recovery.

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